The 2023 M3 Conference Benefits


Each year, a portion of the conference proceeds goes toward a featured project. The 2023 M3 Project of the Year recipient is New India Evangelistic Association.

The state of Bihar in northern India is a densely populated state of 100 million people. It is known as one of the most impoverished regions of India. 86% of the population lives in rural areas. Infant mortality is high. 54% of children are malnourished. The literacy rate is 58%. Access to healthcare is limited. Diseases like endemic tuberculosis, malaria, and kala-azar present formidable health challenges to the people in this region. Bihar has 234 different ethnic groups, of which 221 are considered unreached people groups.

As Director of the Christian Medical Center and Hospital (CMCH) in Purnia, Bihar, Dr. Alex Philip is addressing the needs in this area of India. His vision is to serve the sick, poor, and needy with excellence, compassion, and dignity. The CMCH has a staff of 6 doctors and serves 100 patients daily. The CMCH School of Nursing provides opportunities for girls from various backgrounds to complete their nursing training and to make an impact on their local communities. Patients who visit the hospital are given instructions on basic community health and hygiene.

Dr. Philip also serves as Director of the New India Evangelistic Association, a multi-faceted national ministry of Bible training, Bible translation, medical services, and child care initiatives. With close to 800 field staff serving in over 15 states of India and neighboring South Asian countries, the impact of the ministry touches thousands of lives daily.

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