The Problem

Africa is home to 24% of the world’s disease burden but only 3% of the health workers and 1% of the resources.

The Mission

African Mission Healthcare (AMH) strengthens mission hospitals to help patients in greatest need. We envision an African continent filled with enduring and improving health systems, where everyone has access to quality compassionate healthcare.

The Solution

Christian health facilities provide approximately one-third of the health care in Africa and a high proportion of the quality medical education.  AMH partners with these established institutions to provide support for clinical care, training, and infrastructure.  We do this through our five distinctive values.  We are hands-on, working alongside mission hospital partners, medical missionaries, and African health professionals.  We listen, taking the time to understand the unique needs of each partner.  We train and multiply our impact by helping to develop the next generation of African Christian health professionals and leaders.  We see it through, addressing urgent needs while remaining committed to improving health systems over the long haul.  We get results by making decisions that save lives every day and achieve lasting impact.

The Impact

Since 2010, AMH has enabled 670,000 direct patient visits; sponsored 20,000 surgeries and corrective procedures through our Surgical Access for Everyone (SAFE) program; trained 3,700 health workers in fields as diverse as HIV, surgery, and nursing; and supported infrastructure such as operating theaters, staff and student housing, and ambulances. We have completed projects with 47 partners in 18 countries.

The Mission Hospital Teaching Network (MHTN) is a key AMH initiative providing long-term support to a range of emerging and established teaching institutions. The MHTN is part of AMH’s L’Chaim (To Life) Initiative, which also includes the Gerson L’Chaim Prize for Outstanding Christian Missionary Service. The L’Chaim Prize recognizes the effective and sacrificial efforts of long-term medical missionaries and African health professionals by providing substantial and critical support to their life-saving ministries.

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