Kibuye Hope Hospital Burundi

In the mountainous rural farmlands of the poorest, hungriest nation on earth, there stands a hospital founded before the first genocide, before independence, before the last World War, it was founded on a single premise – hope.

We’re not the best people for this job, our students are. Because they hear, sense, speak and feel what we cannot and will not.

Kibuye isn’t big right now and it’s quite remote, and there are thousands and thousands of needy people. But in an unprecedented move, Hope Africa University, a premier African University, named Kibuye Hope Hospital as the primary teaching site for their medical and nursing schools.

Thus, we are planning, designing and building the facilities that will teach and heal Africans for generations to come. Our students come from everywhere in Burundi, and for many of them raised in the city, this is quite a shock.

But, we want to help them grapple with the needs of their own country. It’s about caring and teaching at the same time. It’s about doing and modeling. It’s based on African realities even as they are learning the tools needed to deal with those realities. We believe that knowledge, ideas, faith, hope and love are the only resources that grow the more you share them.

We want to raise up a generation of societal leaders and community servants…from Africa…and for Africa. We believe that God is doing something spectacular in the midst of the Burundian church and nation, calling her to start training and sending missionaries locally and internationally. Medical missionaries…from Africa…for Africa!

For more information, please visit: https://kibuyehope.com/