Barefoot in Burundi

They’re barefoot in Burundi.  And in so many other places in which Dr. Todd Price has worked, basic needs go unattended.  They have malaria, tuberculosis, jiggers, ascariasis, hookworm, cholera, typhoid, schistosomiasis, HIV, infestations.  And besides that, they are poor, malnourished and anemic.  They arrive to hospitals and clinics in such severe duress that it is a wonder how they could have gotten themselves into such dire circumstances. Yet despite these overwhelming impossibilities, despite these seemingly unbroken circles of despair, poverty and hopelessness, we can make a difference.  Regardless of our training and respective expertise, we can provide sustainable solutions to basic healthcare problems and pursue health in communities worldwide. In this session, Dr. Price provides compelling information and solutions to help in these seemingly desperate situations, but it all starts with our “yes.”