Connecting with people

Paul has remained very busy in surgery.  I know he has wanted to give you an update but he literally has not had enough time.  Most of his cases are conflict related, he continues to see arrow wounds, gunshots and severe beatings. I know that God has guided Paul’s hands and given him supernatural wisdom in more than one case.  The staff and Paul pray before every surgery and invite the Great Physician to scrub in.

As I have rounded a few times with Paul on his patients I am still amazed at his uncanny ability to ‘connect’ with people, even here with a language barrier and under less than the greatest circumstances. I know they feel the sincere compassion and love of Christ coming through, not to mention great medical care! By the way, the surgery floor has two to a bed right now.  Can you imagine?  They don’t seem to mind at all- they are just grateful for the care.

Jackson knows everyone on the compound by name and every one knows Jackson!  He tries to play soccer with Kenyan boys twice his size (who, by the way, are unbelievable soccer players) and they are amazingly patient and so kind to him.  It is one of the sweetest things to see him sitting talking to these boys, asking them questions about their lives, where they live and boy stuff.

The girls are doing wonderful and sleeping very well! Thank you for your prayers.

All three girls are in one room (with a bunk bed and an extra twin) and I hear them at night reading over scripture to each other, giggling and talking.  Memories I will never forget. They continue to be industrious and creative with ways to have fun and be a blessing to those around us.


A Bible study for women

Today I attended a Bible study for women who are being discipled and taught to lead small groups in their villages.  They meet in a missionary’s home once a week to study the Word of God, pray and encourage one another. Then they take the lesson back and teach it in their communities. Many of these women traveled on foot over three hours today to be a part of the Bible study.  There were about 25 women who attended; this number was down because of the violent situation in this area.  The women welcomed me as a sister in Christ and I gave them a greeting on YOUR behalf and encouraged them that MANY were praying for them and the nation of Kenya.

We opened with the women singing two hymns in Kipsigis accompanied by one of the ladies playing a hand drum.  Each woman then recited their memory verse, told how their home Bible studies were progressing, gave prayer request and praise reports.  Then we spent some time in prayer (an interpreter was there to help me with the language barrier).  Then Linda, the career missionary leader, taught a simple and powerful lesson from Isaiah 43:1-7, “Fear Not”.  The women took notes and were so hungry to study the Word of God.  They concluded with a cup of Chai (hot tea, sugar and milk) and fellowship.

After the women in these village Bible Studies  learn 16 key verses by memory and regularly attend the small groups they receive a Bible in their own language……….recently over 100 women lined up outside this missionaries home waiting to recite their verses and get a Bible!

Most of these women have great troubles and unimaginable obstacles in their life- yet they are full of joy, walking by faith and spreading the love of Christ.  Thank God for this long term missionary who is training and equipping these women to disciple others.

Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

My time at the orphanage and church

Hello everyone! I hope everything is going well.

I have had an absolutely amazing, incredible day. We went back down the creek yesterday, and I finally swam. Though we did encounter a problem on our way to the creek, young men and boys were bathing in the creek. (It is part of their culture I guess) But aside from that I had a fun time, the water was freezing!

Earlier that morning I went to an orphanage. There we played with tons of kids. They were all very kind but so many of them had depressing stories. There have been some road blocks that have caused lots of problems….

Well, back to the good news, after we went to the creek there was a cook out with all of the missionaries. Luckily we were invited! There were all kinds of great food and desert….It was so much fun! Later that night we (the kids) had a party of our own at the Bemm’s house. (The Bemm’s are long term missionaries here in Kenya) We watched Racing Stripes and had cake. That was REALLY fun!

And so now here we are today….today I went to church at the church many of the missionaries go to. It was a sweet church of not more than 50 members. It had a great service and had great praise and worship! Well that’s all for now,

Georgia Grace

Our first church service

We attended our first church service this morning.  About 100 people, most of who work in the hospital, gather together for a service.  We read scripture, sang hymns–My Jesus I Love Thee, Are You Washed in the Blood?, There is a Fount… and then the Kenyan worship team led us in some songs that we sing at Lakewood—Shout to the Lord, These Are the Days of Elijah.

During the service, they welcomed all of the visitors who had come to serve at the hospital.  They stressed that most visiting doctors had cancelled their trips because of the conflict and how our coming not only was such a welcome help for them, but an inspiration for other doctors to consider coming as well.  They are SO grateful for all of us who have come to help.  This really blessed and encouraged us.  I’m so glad we persevered and made the trip.

Most of you have probably read that the violence continues here in Kenya—some very close to where we are.  Most feel like the country is teetering on spinning out of control.  The message this morning focused on how the conflict here in Kenya is really just a reflection of the spiritual conflict between good and evil, God and Satan, love and hate, light and darkness.  The Kenyan pastor posed the question to all of us:  “What are God’s people to do?”  He made such great points—we need to stand up for righteousness, resist hatred and violence and pray for the God to intervene. And that we serve an awesome and powerful God who is able to bring peace and unity to this country.  It was a great and timely message.

We have a restful Sunday afternoon planned (meaning we don’t have a TV or car!) and we’re ready for the start of our first full week here at the hospital.  Keep us in your prayers and we will keep you posted.