Where Has Your M3 Bag Been?


M3 will celebrate its 5th anniversary on February 21 and 22, 2020, and we are excited as we get ready to host old and new friends once again in Houston, Texas! Although we have some new things planned, one thing that will remain the same is the vision of the conference: to help people connect with others, be inspired, and find their mission. Over the last four years, we have been amazed and humbled by how M3 has served as a catalyst to send people all over the world to help underserved communities. This picture shows some of our friends in Jordan who were there serving some of the most vulnerable population – those with special needs and disabilities. Where has M3 taken you? We’d love to hear your story; share it with us by emailing info@m3missions.com.

 We invite you to join us at the 2020 M3 Conference – click here to register and save $5 with code: M3MISSIONS20

2019 M3 Breakout Session – Peter J. Hotez, MD, PhD

In this Breakout Session at the 2019 M3 Conference, Dr. Peter Hotez discusses neglected tropical diseases that afflict the world’s poor in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Dr. Hotez will also discuss his work on ‘antipoverty vaccines’ that are under development at Baylor College of Medicine’s National School of Tropical Medicine.

 To learn more about the current global health work happening in different parts of the world, we invite you to join us for the next M3 Conference on February 21-22, 2020, in Houston, Texas. Click here to register and save $5 with code: M3MISSIONS20

Medical Journal Houston

M3 is honored to partner with Medical Journal Houston (MJH) in spreading the word about the M3 Conference! MJH has been providing leading healthcare business news for the last 15 years, and they have been a gracious friend to M3 and a pleasure to work with. To learn more about MJH and to subscribe to their digital monthly news edition, click here.

Join us and our friends like MJH at the 2020 M3 Conference on February 21-22 in Houston, Texas. Click here to register and save $5 with code: M3MISSIONS20

NEW! Call for Abstracts for 2020 M3 Conference

New this year! Mobilizing Medical Missions (M3) is proud to announce a call for abstracts for the 5th Annual M3 Conference to be held in Houston, Texas, on February 21-22, 2020.

We welcome abstracts from all fields involved in global health work or domestic work with underserved populations (medical, research, social sciences, public health, health professions, etc.).

Abstract submissions will be accepted from October 21st to December 9th. Click here for more information, including format requirements and abstract structure.

The 2020 M3 Conference will be full of inspiring sessions, exciting exhibits, and other great activities, and we hope to see you there! Click here to register and save $5 off the early bird rate through December 31st with code: M3MISSIONS20