M3 Visits with INMED

M3 was honored to have the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Nicholas Comninellis, the Founder and President of the Institute of International Medicine (INMED) and learn about the very impactful work they are doing across the globe.

While Dr. Comninellis was teaching public health and family medicine, he noticed a growing desire among students for international service. Many medical schools were also encouraging international education, but few actually offered international clinical self-paceds, and even fewer had a curriculum appropriate to international health issues. Realizing that people who do medical missions usually had a formative experience during their training, Dr. Comninellis envisioned an organization specifically devoted to educational aspects of international medicine. Thus, Dr. Comninellis and community leaders came together and founded INMED in 2003.

INMED exists to equip healthcare professionals and students with the unique skills necessary to effectively serve the world’s most forgotten people. The Institute is built on the truth that one generation can profoundly motivate and equip the next. INMED itself is the result of model individuals who self whose self-sacrificing lifestyle inspired INMED’s leaders to create this organization.

Today, INMED is casting a vision for the next generation of healthcare professionals to serve the most neglected citizens of our planet.  Click here to learn more about INMED’s courses, programs and resources.

If you want to connect with INMED in person, they will be exhibiting at the M3 Conference on February 22-23, 2019, so CLICK HERE to register and save $5 by using promo code M3MISSIONS19.

M3 in the News: The Christian Post

M3 is honored to have been featured in The Christian Post. Writer Leah MarieAnn Klett recently interviewed M3 Co-Founder, Dr. Paul Osteen, and 2019 M3 speaker, Dr. Jon Fielder. Both men were able to share about their experiences and the reason they think medical missions is so important. CLICK HERE to read article.

If you want to join Dr. Osteen and Dr. Fielder in their passion for medical missions, we invite you to join us at the 2019 M3 Conference on February 22-23 to connect with them and the many other great speakers and exhibitors.  CLICK HERE to register today and save $5 by using promo code M3MISSIONS19.

M3 Meets with Founder and US Director of Vision Rescue

Happy Thanksgiving! We at M3 are thankful for many things, including the opportunity to meet amazing people doing incredible work across the globe. Recently, M3 Co-Founder, Dr. Paul Osteen, had the honor to meet with Vision Rescue’s Founder, Biju Thampy, and US Director, Adam Robertson. The mission of Vision Rescue is to free children from all forms of exploitation by engaging and sustaining education, which empowers them to change mindsets and make good life choices that promote intergenerational transformation.

Since 2004, Vision Rescue has been reaching the children of Mumbai through education, awareness, training, healthcare, sports, and other community programs. They desire to help people find their purpose, enjoy their rights, and live with dignity.

Out of the 23 million individuals living in Mumbai, 54% live in slum communities with 70% of the children being malnourished, uneducated, and in high-risk situations. Vision Rescue is working toward changing these statistics. Click here to learn more about the work they are doing in India.

M3 Welcomes CMDA – Houston Chapter!

M3 is excited to welcome Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA) to Houston, Texas! M3 Co-Founder, Dr. Paul Osteen, recently met with CMDA reps Grant Hewitt and Patrick Miller to talk about the new Houston chapter that CMDA is launching.  Grant (pictured center) is the Southern Regional Director, and Patrick (pictured left) is the Area Director, who will be located in Houston.

We are also honored to have Mike Chupp, MD, Executive Vice President of CMDA, as a speaker at the upcoming M3 Conference on February 22-23, 2019. At the M3 Conference, you will have the opportunity to visit personally with CMDA at their booth in the conference Exhibit Hall, so be sure to make plans to attend. Click here to register today – and if you register by December 1st and use promo code M32019SPECIAL, you will receive 25% off!

If you are in the medical or dental field, whether a student, currently practicing, or retired, and want to learn more about how to get involved with a CMDA chapter near you, click here.