M3 Welcomes Café Las Misiones!

Café Las Misiones has been a generous sponsor of the M3 Conference since its first year, and we are so very grateful for their support! Café Las Misiones is a specialty coffee from Nicaragua that supports missionaries and non-profit humanitarian organizations.

This specialty coffee is from a fourth generation family farm located in the mountains of Jinotega, Nicaragua. The farm is committed to sustainable practices including the highest social, economic and environmental standards for fellow Nicaraguans and natural resources. Café Las Misiones was created to sell coffee directly from a Nicaraguan farm with the majority of the profits benefiting missions.

We are proud to serve Café Las Misiones coffee at the M3 Conference, and we encourage you to stop by their Booth (space #10 in the Exhibit Hall) to support the work they are doing while at the same time enjoying some delicious coffee.Café las Misiones

To learn more about Café Las Misiones, click here.

Join us February 22-23 to visit with Café Las Misiones and our many other great sponsors and exhibitors at the 2019 M3 Conference. CLICK HERE to register and save $5 by using promo code M3MISSIONS19.


The M3 Podcast | Episode 6

The M3 Podcast | Episode 6

In this episode, Dr. Paul Osteen is joined by Houston’s own Joy Vonk. Joy Vonk is the Clinic Manager of Casa El Buen Samaritano, which is an organization sharing the love of Jesus Christ while providing whole-person healthcare to the low-income and uninsured of the Houston community.

For information about Casa El Buen Samaritano visit: casaelbuen.org

The M3 Podcast | Episode 5

The M3 Podcast | Episode 5

In this episode, Dr.Paul Osteen and Molly Raney, the Executive Director of Houston Welcomes Refugees engage in a Refugee 101 discussion.

The mission of Houston Welcomes Refugees is to help ease the resettlement process for refugees coming to Houston by mobilizing volunteers and fostering hope amid crisis.

For more information visit: houstonwelcomesrefugees.com

The M3 Podcast | Episode 4

The M3 Podcast | Episode 4

In this episode, Dr. Paul Osteen talks with Dr. Barry Ewy, the CEO of Blessings International.

Blessings International supplies medicines, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment to teams and clinics serving in some of the most remote, impoverished, and dangerous places on earth, including within the continental United States.

M3 has been honored to have Blessings International as an exhibitor each year at the M3 Conference, and if you didn’t get a chance to stop by their booth at the recent 2019 conference, be sure to visit their website for more information: blessing.org.