Andrew Scott

A native of Northern Ireland, Andrew Scott became president of OM USA in July, 2010. He originally joined Operation Mobilization in the late 1980s and served on the ministry ship Doulos for two years as a crew member, which dramatically changed his life. As a result, Andrew graduated from Belfast Bible College with a theological degree. Though his desire was to immediately go back out as a missionary, God redirected him to be Associate Pastor at one of the largest Baptist churches in Ireland where he served for three years. During this time God impressed on his heart the importance of the Church in His plan for the world.

Andrew and his young family returned to OM and served on the Doulos for a five year term. As a senior leader on the ship he oversaw pastoral care, Bible teaching, leadership development and mentoring to those on board and spoke in churches all around the world. Having experienced first-hand the needs of more than 60 countries, Andrew felt God leading him to mobilize people to serve in missions. In 2002 he joined OM USA to lead the Recruitment Department with a focus on college students. Through his many visits to college and university campuses, he met many students with a desire to live their lives for a greater cause who were looking for a place to serve.

Andrew later became Vice President of Mobilization, with a challenge to mobilize the body of Christ throughout America. As current president, Andrew works to position OM USA to identify the most strategic use of resources to serve the least reached for the glory of God.