Kate Abraham, MD, MPH

Kate Abraham is a second year family medicine resident at Cahaba Family Medicine Residency. Cahaba is a faith based residency located in Birmingham, AL. The residency began in 2013 in rural Centreville, AL. In 2018, it expanded when Resurrection Health in Memphis, TN transferred its residency program to Birmingham. The urban and rural tracks of Cahaba strive to prepare and equip graduates to serve as pioneer leaders in marginalized communities. Residents and attendings are encouraged to live in the neighborhoods they serve, attend house church together, and engage in international missions.

Kate and her family live and work in West End, an underserved neighborhood in close proximity to the Birmingham Jail. Kate’s husband Paul is also a resident at Cahaba. They have four children, two biological toddlers and two foster teens who were previously their neighbors. Prior to moving to Birmingham for residency, Kate and Paul attended medical school at UNC. They lived intentionally with a team from their church in apartment complexes where refugees were resettled. They are preparing to serve in the 10-40 window after residency.

Kate is passionate about seeing students and residents live on mission for Christ while in training, especially through incarnational ministry. She strives to use medicine and her profession as platforms to fight for spiritual and social justice, especially for the refugee and the orphan.