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Mobilizing Medical Missions
March 5-6, 2021

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M3 Conference Hosts

M3 Conference Emcee

Paul and Jennifer Osteen

Dr. Paul and Jennifer Osteen
Co-Founders, M3 Conference

Chuck Pryor

Chuck Pryor
Executive Director, Joel Osteen Radio

Day 1 Plenary Sessions
Friday, March 5, 2021 7:00pm CST

Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts, MD
Sharing the Light, Restoring Vision: A Pilgrimage of a Missionary Ophthalmologist and Family

Jon Fielder

Jon Fielder, MD
Where do People get their Medical Care?

Kelly Sites

Kelly Sites, RN
Serving God with Open Hands

Anne Alaniz

Anne Alaniz, DO
What’s in Your Hands? A Journey Out of the Village

Day 2 Breakout Sessions
Saturday, March 6, 2021 8:00am CST

Leigh Kohler

Leigh Kohler
The Gospel and Human Trafficking

Rebecca (Becki) Thompson, RN

Rebecca Thompson, RN
Make a Lasting Impact: Multiply Yourself!

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott
Where Do I Fit in the Bigger Story

Nicholas Comninellis

Nicholas Comninellis, MD, MPH, DIMPH
Launching Your International Healthcare Career

Jon Fielder

Jon Fielder, MD
COVID-19 in Africa: A View from the Ground

Day 2 Plenary Sessions
Saturday, March 6, 2021 1:00pm CST

Stephen J. Spann

Stephen J. Spann, MD, MBA
Called to Share God’s Love as an Instrument of His Healing

Russ E. White

Russ E. White, MD, MPH, FACS, FCS (ECSA)
What are You Here For? Motivations in Missions

Beryl D’Souza-Vali

Beryl D’Souza-Vali, MRCPCH
Mountain Go Throw Yourself into the Sea

Mitch Duininck, MD, FAAFP

Mitch Duininck, MD, FAAFP
Here Am I

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